New Month, New Finds


Crazy. That's how I'll define the first day of September and it's not going to dissipate as we move further into the month.
In the states, September always signifies change and the start of something new. Students go back to school, Autumn is just around the corner, and tons o' hunts in SL.
I looked at the large list of hunts going on in September and contemplated which one to start. I couldn't decide on just one, so this post will have a mix of this and that.

First, 22769 did a great steampunk spin on a vintage comic book hero. I'm telling you, vintage is in! I've been a fan of X-Men Legends and it's great to go back to the days of old where all our infamous comic book heroes began.

Pics 1 & 2:

Outfit: 22769 - Vintage Steam3 TAH ( Steam 3 Hunt)

Pic 3:

Outfit: Rotten Defiance - Vanilla Birthday Cake (Birthday Blitz Hunt)

Pic 4:

Shirt: Glad Rags - Old Enough Tee (Birthday Blitz Hunt)

Pic 5:

Outfit: Glad Rags - Rain Hat/ Rain Mac/ Wellies (September Rain Hunt)

Pic 6:

Top: Razorblade Jacket - Chocolate Rain (September Rain Hunt)
Jeans: [Hate This] - SR Jeans (September Rain Hunt)

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