September for Studs


I'm lovin' September, it's been good to the guys of SL. Full of great hunts and promotional gifts, I'm having a hard time keeping up! I have a lot of amazing items to show you and keep you looking fresh for the fall season.

In my last post I explained that Cstar is having a store hunt for their monthly skins. There are two skin tones currently out and you're looking for lipstick. If you click on the large lipstick at the entrance, it will provide you with hints to find the skins.

Pic 1 & 2:

Skin: Cstar - Mr September (Cream)

Pic 3:

Outfit: SZD - The Underworld (MM Board 100 people needed)

Pic 4:

Top: Glad Rags- Orgy Tee (Lucky Dive - win a prize every time!)
Jeans: SZD - Washed Jeans/ Blue (MM Board 100 people needed)
* Jeans come in four colors: Blue, Brown, Grey, and Green. Grey and Brown Jeans shown in pictures 5 and 6.*

Pic 5:

Top: Glad Rags - Offend Tee (Lucky Dive - win a prize every time!)

Pic 6:

Top: Glad Rags - Swearing Tee (Lucky Chair)

22769 is kicking off their Autumn/Fall collection with this promotional outfit. You'll fit right into season with this set. Don't miss out it's only available for limited time until September 12th.

Pic 7:

Outfit: 22769 - Fall Kick Off (10L)

Pic 8:

Outfit: 22769 - WYS Hunt Gift Scorpio ( What's Your Sign Hunt)
Hint: "time for a commercial break"

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