Best Day Ever!


I had me a fun time today wandering around a sim playing with all the Halloween stuff. I got to wander about a graveyard, dig a grave, hang with some witches, ride a bike, visit a friend in prison, be involved in some cooking and dance Thriller in an alley. What more could one want in a day!

Pic 1:
Lingerie and Hat: Shush - Halloween Corset and Hat (ATHH)

Pic 2:
Dress: Hasi's - Halloween Dress (ATHH)
Hair: Magika - Cori - Brown (190L)

Pic 3:
Dress and Skin: Sweeter Than Candy - Lady Violet (ATHH)
Hair: ChiChickie - Hallowena - Black (ATHH)

Pic 4:
Dress and Hat: Lemania Indigo - Which Witch (ATHH)
Skin: CHIC Inc - Elfie Special Skin (CGH)

Pic 5:
Hair: Rush - Queen Black Widow Spider (ATHH)
Outfit: Hasi's - Glitter Outfit (CGH - This is two gifts)

Pic 6:
Hoodie: Hasi's - Hasi's Mini Hoodie (CGH)
Tank: Schwarz - Bloody Tank Top (CGH)
Pants: Hasi's - Halloween Pants (CGH)
Bike: @Delux - Hobo Bicycle (Free at Aero Pines Park where all these pics were taken)

Pic 7:
Top: Hasi's - Halloween Corset (CGH)
Jeans: Hasi's - Spider Pants (CGH)

Pic 8:
Outfit: 22769 - Happy Halloween (Group Gift)
Pose: [gilded] - Don't Hurt Me (FTLOH Hunt)
Emoter: aDORKable Poses - Emoter Hud (0L)

Pic 9:
Dress: AQUA - Starlight - Light Purple (50L)

Pic 10:
Outfit: Hasi's - Mille - Fleur (10L)

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