A Home and Garden Tour


Today the Elf Circle Home and Garden Tour began and this is an opportunity for elven builders and store owners to show off their amazing creativity. You will be wowed by the talent of these builders and very tempted to buy (as I was!). The tour only runs Saturday and Sunday, so don't miss out!

I wish I could do these builds and areas justice, but you will just have to go and see them for yourself. The pics are to get your attention, and I apologise to the creators and owners for not being the best photographer and not being able to show how awesome they truly are.

Area 1:
Glasshouse: Levi Made - This glasshouse by Levi Ewing is just stunning. It has a mezzanine area upstairs and also a sitting area in one of the top turrets and would look amazing on any sim. Beautiful.

Area 2 :
Garden Area: The Epic Toy Factory - This area is the from the imagination of Mayah Parx and her sim is a new discovery to me. I even had the honour of meeting her and although she is an Aussie, I liked her! Hehe. (It is a kiwi/aussie thing). I am in awe of her creativity and her use of colour and textures.

Area 3:
Houses and Garden: Xotic Kreations - I have the joy of being a friend of the gorgeous Aamiene Despres and love her work. She is both and amazing creator and wonderful friend. I am always wowed by her creations and best of all she is from Aryaland too! Yay!

Area 4:
Treehouse: L & T Garden - I had to do this pic on sunset to show off how beautiful it looks at dusk. The textures are stunning and the house is huge! I love this library/lounge room and the views from this room are amazing. The creator is Lestat Furman and I am dying to go and see some of his other builds.

Area 5:
Gazebo: The next on our tour is the garden of Songbird Sparkle and is a build by Cesila Tomsen. I love the colour and the gazebo is just lovely. I wanted to sit here all day. So peaceful and even the birdsong here is perfect.

Area 6:
Treehouse: This treehouse is so so amazing and I had so much fun climbing all the stairs and discovering all the living areas. The garden is green and lush and the interior is beautifully decorated. This is a build by Siss Truss and I was blown away by it. Go and explore for yourself! Wow.

Area 7:
Cottage: I absolutely loved this cottage. Perhaps it is because I love my wee cottage by the sea. The decor is perfect and the garden and pond area are peaceful and beautiful. I even took time to do some pottery while I was visiting. The house and garden are owned by Aisling Sinclair and the house was built by Koshari Mahana. Stunning.

Area 8:
Zen Garden: This garden owned by Shay Sunnyside & Hiram Eilde is peaceful and a great place to sit, think and relax.You can even light a candle and take time out to remember a loved one. The messages left here are lovely. The Japanese Karesansui Garden was created by Mezzanine Qi. Serene.

Area 9:
Tree House and Elven Home: I just loved the decor of this home. It was cosy and I absolutely loved the colours that the owner, Marta Huntress, has used. The outside area is just divine and perfect for the house. She also has another area on show, that she calls her 'lair' and it is just beautiful. The stained glass windows in both builds are worth going to see. The treehouse is created by Earendil Lowenheart and the 'lair' or Elf Temple by Mo Ames. Delightful.

Area 10:
Garden: This lovely autumn garden owned by Bay Sweetwater is a perfect place to enjoy the splendor of fall. You can enjoy wildlife, a dip on the hot tub or just a walk through the leaves. I didn't want to go! Beautiful.

Area 11:
Treehouse: Fredrich Armistic must love living here on his own piece of paradise. The treehouse is spread all over the tree and has a rocky basement to enjoy too. It is built by Tobias Novi and I loved all the walkways joining the areas. My dream home as a child. Magical.

Area 12:
Pirate Ship: Another childhood dream of mine was to live on a pirate ship and that is exactly what Mom Yardley has done. Who wouldn't want to live here? The island is also Mom's and great for landlubbers like me who need to stretch their legs! The ship is created by Teepunch Jacobus. Brilliant.

Part two tomorrow...

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  1. Awesome post! Can't wait to see part two :)

  2. wow, looking at these, they are amazing.. will be touring asap.

  3. I loved this tour. It rocked. Good idea for future SL House and Garden even perhaps.