I Did It!


Yes, last night I actually sorted my inventory so I don't cry every time I log on. It is also so I can see what needs blogging! Yay! Is so nice to have everything orderly however I know it will not last for long. Sad.

I had a fun day today too. DJed at Loveli and meet some awesome people. Looking forward to next Saturday from 8-10 when we have the HUGE Halloween party. I am counting the days.

I met an awesome blogger called Lei Garnet and I have added her cool blog to my blog list on the side of the page. Make sure you check her blog out. Lei put me on to a cool hunt and showcase called Shocktoberfest. It is SO cool. You can see some awesome stalls and then venture into the Haunted House. It rocks! Best part is that while you are wandering round getting spooked, you can hunt for goodies! Hoorah!

Today's blog will be another mixture as I also want to show you items from all over the place! I

Pic 1:
Face Tattoo: Cool Beans - Fright Face Mouth Tattoo (Shocktoberfest)
Dress: Magoa - Jaerae Dress - Olive (Shocktoberfest - Other colours not shown)
Shoulder Item and Pose: {Just a Pose} - Killer Kandy Shoulder Buddy (Shocktoberfest)

Pic 2:
Face Tattoo: Cool Beans - Fright Face Mouth Tattoo (Shocktoberfest)
Hair: [elikatira] - Say - Black (0L)
Tee and Knife: Razorblade Jacket - Grunge Cutoffs (PAL Hunt)
Shorts: Razorblade Jacket - Backstabber Knife and Tank (FIM Hunt)
Tattoo: ((Babycakes)) - Boo Tattoo (Shocktoberfest)

Pic 3:
Face Tattoo: Cool Beans - Fright Face Mouth Tattoo (Shocktoberfest)
Tattoo: ((Babycakes)) - Trick or Treat (Shocktoberfest)
Dress: K2K - Black Trash (Black and White Hunt)

Pic 4:
Skin: Heartsick - Wicked (Heartsick Spooky Hunt)
Dress: Tasty - Bloodlust (Shocktoberfest)

Pic 5:
Outfit and Mask: Tasty - Last Min Costume Skully (Shocktoberfest)

Pic 6:
Gown and Skin: G&N Quality Design - Vamply (Shocktoberfest)

Pic 7:
Outfit: Sari's Creations - SS Delice (B&W Hunt)
Skin: Womens Dreamy Bodyshop - Lilith (B&W Hunt)

Pic 8:
Outfit: Sophie's Choice Design - BW Paisley (B&W Hunt)

Pic 9:
Dress: SLC - Black and White Doll (B&W Hunt)

Pic 10:
Skin: Amacci - Irina Pale - 09 Natural (Preview)
Dress: Red Devil Inc - Halloween (HH4A)

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