It's Spooky, Possums!


Today I will finish the Elf Home and Garden Tour and begin showing you the Addicted to Halloween Hunt items. I decided to combine the both today to save time and energy. That is clever right there!

Pic 1:
House: Zigana - [Plaja] (SL House and Garden sim opening gift)
Top Lights: {what next} - Moon and Stars Lights (Preview)
Middle Lights: {what next} - Autumn Lanterns (Preview)
Bottom Lights: {what next} - Jack-o-Lanterns String Lights (Preview)
Purple and Black Pumpkin: Almost Home - Starry Pumpkin Purple and Jack-o-Lantern Black (SL House and Garden Group Gift)
Plant Pumpkin: LoveFactory - Halloween Plant (SL House and Garden Group Gift)

Pic 2:
Fireplace, Pumpkins and Wall Decor: {what next} - Automme Fireplace and Decor (Preview)
Pumpkin Man: {what next} -Lil Pumpkin Man (Preview)
Wreath and Candelabra: {what next} - Fall Wreath and Candelabra (Preview)

Pic 3:
Area: Serina Juran and Qventa Nikolaidis have called this part of their sim The Legend of Wooly Swamp @ Easthaven. You go through the gate and it is spooky and cool. The rest of the sim is stunning and worth a wander!
Face Tattoo: {Frick} - Autumn's Fell Makeup - Light (1L in Witch's Hat Hunt)
Eyes: {Frick} - Autumn's Fell Eyes (1L in Witch's Hat Hunt)
Outfit: Cero Style - Black Witch Minidress (Voodoo Doll Hunt)
Hair: Amacci - Mika - Brown Auburn (Preview)

Pic 4:
Area: Kavi Harcourt's Ithiloth Terrace is a peaceful place in lavender to relax, meditate and reflect. Make sure you take time to sit by the fireplace and enjoy the stunning view.
Hat and Hair: Audacity - Arachnadine - Blood (Addicted to Halloween Hunt)
Outfit: WoE - Graecyn - Blood (ATHH)
Skin: {Frick} - Autumn's Fell Blush - Cleavage (1L in WH Hunt)

Pic 5:
Area: Farley Crabgrass & Pheonix Bright's sky platform is a lovely haven away from the hustle and bustle. I loved the beautiful pond area complete with wildlife.
Dress: Acid and Mala - Halloween Outfit (ATHH - Long dress option not shown)
Hair: Amacci - Millan - Ebony (Preview)

Pic 6:
Area: Pammie Venkman: The Purple Forest - Apparently the Purple Fae lives here. There are places to sit and a secret garden too. Lovely place to explore or just sit and enjoy the colours! Make sure you also go and see 'The Other Purple Forest' too.
Skin: {Frick} - Autumn's Fell Suntan - Cleavage (1L in WH Hunt)
Dress, Cuffs and Face Jewellery: Sassy Kitty - Bloody Tempting Robber Dress, Handcuffs and Face Piercings (ATHH - Non-bloody version available too)

Pic 7:
Area: Pammie Venkman has this lovely area for keeping her boat by. It is full of autumn colours and has a lovely gazebo for sitting and taking in the view.
Dress: Dark Dolls - Halloween Dress (ATHH)
Pose and Doll: aDORKable Poses - Sweet Revenge - Come Voodoo with Me (0L)

Pic 8:
Area: Treen Firecster - Elf Haven - I just wanted to crawl into the tree and snuggle up by the cosy fire. Lovely area on a hillside!
Dress: DivaLicious - Trick or Treat (ATHH)

Pic 9:
Area: Twill McCallen - An Elf's Home - I loved the garden here. The colours were so amazing and I so want The Ghost Shell. Stunning.
Outfit: Beauty Lane - Ghostly Top and Skirt (ATHH)

Pic 10:
Area: A romantic castle to end the tour. Kerry Gerhadsen's home is lovely and check out the designs and texturing about this castle. The front doors are amazing.
Outfit and Bracelet: Grumble - Women's Half Shirt, Pumpkin Skirt and Bracelet (ATHH)

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