Sad and Scary


I am sad today because I know that the Halloween season is drawing to a close. In Aryaland it is Halloween today so a big BOO! to you.

I am showing the remainder of the LVS&Co items today and remember they are mostly 10L with a couple at 25L. The skins I am wearing are a variety of Amacci - Irina - Goth

Pic 1:
Gown: [[LVS&Co]] - The Vampire Temptress
Hair: Amacci - Nanna Long - Black Coal (Preview)

Pic 2:
Gown: [[LVS&Co]] - Pumpkin Princess

Pic 3:
Gown: [[LVS&Co]] - Burning Leaves

Pic 4:
Outfit: [[LVS&Co]] - I'm a Treat!
Hair: Amacci - Eva Long - Light Copper (Preview)

Pic 5:
Outfit: [[LVS&Co]] - Punkin Girl

Pic 6:
Dress: [[LVS&Co]] - Spookie Cutie

Pic 7:
Gown: [[LVS&Co]] - Pumkin Ball
Hair: Amacci - Eva Long - Jet Black (Preview)

Pic 8:
Gown: [[LVS&Co]] - Moonlight Princess

Pic 9:
Gown: [[LVS&Co]] - Happy Eve

Pic 10:
Lingerie: [[LVS&Co]] - Hallo's Eve Lingerie

Pic 11:
Gown: Paris Metro - Paris at Night (0L)

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