The Time Draws Nigh


Yes, my little goblins and goblinettes, the midnight hour of All Hallow's Eve begins to draw ever near, casting it's shadow over Second Life and dripping pumpkins, cobwebs, bats and ghosts in its wake. Howwwwwwlllllll! Shiver.

You know what that means? Yes, it means I get to increase my collection of ghoulish skins and blood soaked outfits. Do I have issues? Probably, but I am holding a knife, so tell me if you dare!

Today's offerings are from two spooktacular events: For The Love of Halloween (FTLOH) and Hunt of the Living Dead (HotLD).

The first is a market of Halloween deliciousness from designers and creators all over the SL globe and there is also a hunt going on there too with many leaves filled with ghoulish goodies to be found about the awesome sim.

The second is a dark and wonderful hunt where one hunts for brains, of course. BRAAAIIINNNSSS!

I will also throw in some other items that are just worth showing!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy...just don't look behind you and make sure you lock the doors...

Pic 1:
Hair: MINA - Lulu - Dark Chocolate (FTLOH)
Outfit and Hat: Crayon Design - Zombie Outfit (Hallow's Eve Hunt Gift)
Skin: Pink Fuel - Dia de los Muertos (FTLOH - Look for skulls near Pink Fuel's booth)

Pic 2:
Outfit: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Lolita (Voodoo Doll Hunt)

Pic 3:
Outfit: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Voodoo Suit (Voodoo Doll Hunt)
Pose: Posies - Zombie Pose 1 (FTLOH)

Pic 4:
Top: LOULOU & Co - Jelly Pop (FTLOH)
Pants: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - From Voodoo Suit (Voodoo Doll Hunt)
Tattoo: LiqSum - Jack Skellington Chest Tattoo (FTLOH)
Shoes: Malfean Visions - Bookicks Sneakers (FTLOH)

Pic 5:
Dress: Shush - Strapped Doll (FTLOH)

Pic 6:
Outfit: Sweet Antidote - Halloween Chartreuse Top and Pants (FTLOH)

Pic 7:
Dress and Skin: Sn@tch - Messy Eater Beater Dress and Solstice Skin - Undead/Messy (HotLD)
Jewellery: [Acide!] - Spider Silver (FTLOH)

Pic 8:
Dress: Blue Blood - Lorena Kawaii Multicolour Edition (HotLD)
Scene: Halloween - MG Spooky Scene - Spiderweb Tree (0L)

Pic 9 and 10:
Avatar, Outfit and Shotgun: b[ELLE]ssima - Zombie Hunter Avatar - Female (HotLD)

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