No One Suspects the Man Eating Marshmellows!


The title today is stolen from a shirt I got in a hunt and it tickled my fancy...also it is quite true!

I was reading Blur's blogpost today and saw a skin I liked. I tped on over to grab it and found myself at the Gnubie Store. It bought back so many memories and as I wandered about looking to see what was new, I was struck by how cool that place is and also by how long it had been since I had been there. Was great fun remembering those days of being new and trying to find nice clothes for little Lindens.

I was glad someone pointed me in the direction of the Gnubie Store and I remember being so excited to find it and finally get some cool clothes, skins etc!

The title today is off a shirt I got in a hunt and it tickled my fancy...also it is quite true!

Pic 1:
Outfit: The Sea Hole @ The Gnubie Store - Browns and Brights Set (0L)
Jewellery: Finesmith -: Necklace - Touch the Stars (250L - Money goes to Hope Charity),
Headpiece - Tikara Forehead Jewel (Group Gift), Nails and Rings - Painter Set (250L)
Hair: Calico Ingmann - Tracy - Dark Chocolate (Gatcha Gift at Rue DAntibes)
Pose: (dollipops) - Cold Hands, Warm Heart (0L for 2 cool poses)

Pic 2:
Outfit: The Sea Hole @ The Gnubie Store - Katamari Set (0L)
Pose: [croire] - Show Off Ya Bling Pose (DIM Hunt - Looking for a diamond)

Pic 3:
Jeans: Grumble - Ripped Jeans - Rust (Lucky Chair)
Top: B&T - Basic Short Top - Ocean (0L)
Skin: Dead Bunneh - Girls (B is For Bonfire Hunt)
Jewellery: Never Ever - Pocket Watch - Bonfire (BIRB Hunt)
Fire: Props-N-Poses - Bonfire (BIFB Hunt)

Pic 4:
Outfit: [Nicci] - Bonfire Hoodie and Pants (BIFB Hunt)

Pic 5:
Outfit: Urban Republic Co - Baseball Shirt and Fire Jeans (BIFB Hunt)
Pose: (dollipops) - Takeoff (0L)
Log, Bonfire and Marshmellow Stick: {what next} - From Bear Canyon Big Camping Set
Boots: Duh! - Nordic Knit Boots - White

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  1. ty for including croire :) im adding you to you blogroll. please add me toO!

    - emily kaestner