Walk Down the Avenue


Today I took a walk down the Avenue and enjoyed the sunshine. The birds were singing and I tipped my hat to passers-by. Suddenly, as we all moved in the same direction, we all began clicking our fingers and leaning forward. Just then spontaneous dancing broke out and we all sang loudly and it was joyous and triumphant. Luckily there was the same number of boys and girls so we were able to jump and twirl happily together and then, at the end of the song, we all wandered off and pretended it didn't happen. It was brilliant.

Ok, I have been watching FAR too many musicals lately and it would have been really cool if it had happened. The only part that was real was the bit that involved me walking down an Avenue at Gol. There was a hunt on and I got to find little black plaques. It was not easy, but I persevered. I would have enjoyed some singing and dancing at the same time, but the gifts made up for the lack of those!

All items in Avenue Hunt unless stated.

Arya exits stage left clicking her fingers and pausing for effect.

Pic 1:
Dress: Chantkare - Sonia Dress
Hair: [LeLutka] - Mirella 2.0 Hair - Almost Goth

Pic 2:
Outfit: AZUL - Largo

Pic 3:
Gown: AZUL - Sharon

Pic 4:
Top: Baiastice - Song Noir
Skirt: Miamai - Johanna Red Skirt

Pic 5:
Outfit: Baiastice - Samantha (Group Gift)

Pic 6:
Dress: Baiastice - Leo

Pic 7:
Jacket: BaLac - Military ModsCourt (0L - Go to back of store on a shelf - Men's too)

Items in Background:
Chair: Stylissimo - Leather Chair - White
Wall Decal: Whimzie - Wall Decal - Hope Greys (HH4A)

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