"Baby, It's Cold Outside"


GASP* I'm baccck and it's nice to have time to explore sl once again. I've been busy the past few months dedicating my time towards rl and working. Luckily, Arya was very understanding of this. I'm so close to the end I can taste it, only 6 more months and I'll have my Masters degree! I think this is as far as I'll go, I don't plan on going towards a Doctorate. Although, Dr. Mister sounds nice :D

With my first full free day, I decided to get back into SL to see what I've missed. It's funny how when you're not on regularly, you feel like you've missed out on a lot of things that occur in-world. Where do I start? Where do I go? What new stores have I missed out on? What hunts are going on?

The sim I live on has changed its landscape from grass to snow, so to keep with the theme I went to seek winter clothes. I first stopped over to SF Design to pick up the monthly gift item. I'm always astonished at the quality of design and authenticity the store produces.

Pic 1:

Top: SF Design - Duffle Jacket Mens Red (December Gift 0L)

Pic 2:

Top: Reek -PaperCut Cardigan/ Coal (Not Free 175L)

Okay, so I splurged a little, but it's worth it. Imagine all the outfits you can create by layering this cardigan with other items. I've been looking for a cardigan jacket like this, since I've seen it in RL at J-Crew.

If you're looking for something more formal for the holidays, AAlto mens store offers a great tuxedo with a deep red vest and bowtie set.

Pic 3:

Tuxedo Suit: AAlto- Grand Opening Gift (0L)


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