Color Me Bad


I've noticed Arya making posts about weekly color challenges, but never investigated further into it. When she asked me to participate in one of the pictures as a pianist, it peaked my curiosity.
It seemed like something fun to do, so I decided, " hey, why not?"
I've missed the first few weeks, but I'll make them up. Better now than week 51, right? As you saw on Arya's post, this week's color is Cerise (deep or vivid pink). I'm not sure if I hit that color, but one of the colors in the argyle pattern has to be it!
While Arya is out being the "party-girl" in Cerise, I decided to show the dapper side of it. I think it brings out the intellectual badass in me. A friend asked me where my books were in the picture. Books!? Ha, I burned them after I read them all.

Argyle Sweater Vest: Adjunct- Geek Chic Argyle Sweater Vest Bright Pink (75L)

Bowtie: Adjunct- Hot Pink (Past Hunt Gift)

White Button Shirt: Hoorenbeek - Tuxedo (White shirt layer w/rolled sleeves)

Pants w/ Belt: Adjunct - Tipped Trouser (Past MHOH Gift)

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  1. Great pic, and you totally nailed Cerise. I am not sure the words cerise and badass belong in the same post though. Like a 'one of these things is not like the other' kind of deal!

  2. agreed! I think you look great! :)