Dinner Time!!


Nice to have a few friends and family over for dinner. I will say that mine gathered here argued over who would get the turkey legs, who would cut the turkey and who didn't want to sit next to...well, we won't name them... Someone also drunk too much wine and there was a small incident that will never be again discussed.... Pretty normal Christmas dinner all round.

Hearts Planter: [LoveFactory] - Hearts Potted (Group Gift)
Table and Items: {what next} - Christmas Laurel Dining Room
Fireplace: Black Karbon - Shayne's Fireplace (Rue DAntibes Gift Under Tree)
Tree: {what next} - Lantern Lit Christmas Tree
Chair and Items: {what next} - Noel Armchair
Wall Decal: Cheeky Pea - Winter Walk Decal (From Iced Living Room Set)
Turkey: Reels and Robots: SQ Cooked Turkey on a Plate (Marketplace - 1L)
House: Designer Prims - Renovated Cottage

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