Hard Night


I decided to get this week's Blogger Colour Challenge done early because I know how crazy the upcoming pre-Christmas week will be blogging-wise!

I am not sure why I decided cerise was a party-girl colour, but there you go! I will confess I even Googled 'cerise' to make sure I got the colour right. What DID we do before Google?

Anyway, here is what cerise means to me...

Hair: IrEn - Out of Bed
Dress: *LP* Design - Malishka Dress (Past Hunt Item)
Bracelet: Mariposa Jewels - Augmentation Black/Pink (Store Closed)
Sunglasses: Solar Eyewear - Nash (Past Hunt Item)
Wine Glass: {what next} - Glass of Red Wine from Coastal Loft Outdoors Seat Set
Shoes: Gurl 6 - Hotpink Foxies (Past Hunt Item)
Skin: Amacci - Giselle Skin - Milky
Tiara: Sn@tch - Pretty Princess Tiara (Past Hunt Item)
Stool: Glitterati - Barstool - F
House: Designer Prims - This Ole House

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  1. Hahaha! Your pics so remind me of my RL sister. Super cute!!

  2. Yay!! Thank you, Lashae! I am possibly a bit worried about your sister though. Hehe!

  3. /me grins ... watch out, Arya, rose champagne is hard to get wiped out of a white carpet ;-P
    cool pic ;-)

  4. Don't worry we won't run out of colors! I have the full year planned out ... that's why I give the color sample. ;)

  5. Mayala, I am sneaky and put plastic wrap over the glass! Hehe.

    Luna, you just rock and I truly love these challenges as it makes me get all creative!