It's Alright Because I'm Saved By the Bell!


I'm liking this new hair I got from Shag. It's available this week at 150L for Stumblebum. It reminds of the hair Zach Morris had back in the day and that's cool because in the end, he got to be with hottie Kelly Kapowski (Helllllooooo). What's even better is that I used the tintable hair base I received from Birth (on a previous hunt) to match it. WIN!

I stopped over at Before Sleep and was reminded of why I love that store. She always, ALWAYS remembers to create something for guys if it isn't unisex. Also, her hints for hunt items are very creative and helpful. I was able to pick up all the hunt items there, again another WIN!

Pic 1:

Hair: Shag- Rise (150L during Stumblebum) *Comes in three colors*
Sweater Wrap: LaVie - LaVie Sweater Wrap (Advent, must wear group tag 1L)

Pic 2:

Jacket: Fir & MNA - Guvnor Jacket (The Happy Holidays Hunt 10L)
Scarf: 22769 - Noble Scarf (Advent Calendar)

Pic 3:

Outfit w/glasses: Blitzed -Holiday Sweater/Jeans (The Happy Holidays Hunt 10L)

Pic 4:

Vest: Klam - Black Vest (The Happy Holidays Hunt 10L)
Shirt and Jeans: Before Sleep- Star (It Gets Better Hunt)

Pic 5:

Outfit: Before Sleep- Olive Jacket/Brown Pants (Christmas Hunt)

Pic 6:

Outfit: Before Sleep - Xmas Undies (Coal Hunt)

Pic 7:

Outfit: Before Sleep - Elf (Presents Hunt)

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