Last Minute


It's Christmas Eve here in New York, and for a lot of us that mean's last minute gifting. I was lucky to have finished my shopping a little early this year and that gave me plenty of time to explore. Thank you, creators, for spreading the holiday cheer up all month long. Anyways, here's a quick post before I retire for the night.

Picture 1:

Outfit: NE and Rob - Christmas Gift (Advent #24)

If you're a comic book fan or eve a cartoon fan of X-Men, you'll recognize this outfit to be similar of Magneto. In fact, if Magneto had to get all formal, he'd probably wear something like this.

Picture 2:

Outfit:22769 - Vintage Magnetism (Advent #24)

Picture 3:

Jeans: WoE -GRJ M6 Jeans, Oil, Dusk, Clay (12 Days of Christmas Gift)

Picture 4:

Top: Peer - Santa Tee (12 Days of Christmas Gift )

Picture 5:

Robe: SF Design - Happy Christmas Gentleman (Subscriber Gift)

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