/me Slaps Head!


I was being so SUPER organised last night and did some pics ready for today. Now, usually I do them straight onto blogger and just post it the next day, but it mucks up the order, so I thought I would be clever and put all the outfits on a notecard and then just copy and paste them all into the post today. Well, THAT was the plan...

Of course what I forgot to do was keep saving the notecard every time I added something to it...and then I crashed and lost all the info, so today I have had to look at the pics and rumage through my inventory trying to find everything. I have failed on one item. I cannot find it anywhere, so if you are the designer and you see it, IM and tell me and please forgive me!

NB: If you whip over to the Snowball Hunt at the Sn@tch sim, be aware that not all the snowballs are free. Some range up to 100L

Pic 1:
Outfit: Somnia - Christmassy Leggings and Tee (Under Tree Gift at Evie's Closet)
Hair: Calico Ingmann - Lucia - Chocolate (Rue DAntibes Tree Gift)
Boots: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Cutie Red Christmas Boots (Only available to current group members)

Pic 2:
Corset: Somnia - Argyle Corset (Snowball Sim Hunt)
Shorts: SAD FACE...
Earrings: U&R Dogs - Dainty Bess Pierced Earrings (Rue DAntibes Tree Gift)

Pic 3:
Dress: A-Bomb - At Last (Snowball Sim Hunt)

Pic 4:
Dress: Fellini Couture - White Roses (Rue DAntibes Tree Gift)

Pic 5:
Top: Sn@tch - Shortie Sweater - Green (Snowball Sim Hunt)
Pants: Retro - Pants Black (Rue DAntibes Tree Gift)

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