Post 500!


I cannot believe this is our 500th post. I snuck in before Mister could grab it! It is just over a year since I started the blog and, don't tell him I said this, it has been awesome having Mister as my co-blogger! What an asset to the team. We are like Batman and Robin, except without the tights...well, I don't often wear tights, but I hear SOMEONE likes to wear his underwear on the outside of his pants at times...

We would like to use this moment to do an Academy speech and thank all the people who have made this blog possible.

We want to thank all the amazing designers and creators out there who make our job so easy with their amazing items. Some of them are now awesome friends and we love showing off what they create! They think we doing them a favour, but in reality we absolutely love it! Sssh, don't tell... I can't name you all, but we do want to thank those who have made our job a delight and have stuck with the blog through thick and thin. You know who you are and we love ya!

Personally, I also want to thank one of my fav groups of people in SL who I have been with for ages and are always a great source of information on specials and hunts. They also got me addicted to hunts and keep feeding the addiction. To all the people in The Greatest Love Group, you rock!

And lastly to all our long-suffering friends who IM us when they hear about sales and specials, put up with us running off to 'grab' bits and pieces, cope with the fact that we are often afk with our heads in a blog post, and let us blog all over their land and houses...WE LOVE YA HEAPS!

Well, that was gushy...

If this was the Academy Awards the music would be playing now or I would have been dragged off with a cane round my neck, so I will end it there.

Mister and I will keep on blogging til you stop reading and we also want to wish you a safe and happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

And for all those who kept reading on, we have a 500 post/Christmas treat for you! Our awesome friend, Hela, has made a gift for our readers and it ROCKS! It is a gorgeous ice pond complete with a lovely bench seat and poses on the ice. Perfect addition to any back yard for winter.

All you have to do to get this yummy gift is leave a nice comment or a Merry Christmas wish on this blog post, or the ones we do leading up til Christmas and I will send you one! Make sure you leave your full SL name so we can get it to you safe and sound! Please excuse me if the delivery is slow. I am not Santa! May not be on day you leave comment!

Arya is Wearing:
Hair: Amacci - Tina - Mocha
Skin: Amacci - Giselle Skin - Milky - 09 Candy
Sweater: AQUA - Holiday Sweater - Reindeer
Jeans: Kamikaze - Kex Jeans - Xmas 10
Boots: Prim and Pixel - Red Suede Sheepskin Uggs
Antlers: Relentless Couture - Holiday Antlers
Scarf: BOOM - Happy Holidays Scarf

Mister is Wearing:
Santa Hat: DragonLady's Closet - Santa Hat in Red
Sweater: AQUA - Holiday Sweater - Reindeer
Jeans: Emery - Demin #3
Boots: GOS - DOCS 8 Hole Boots
Scarf: BOOM - Slim Scarf Apple

Other Items:
Roof and Poses: Pulling Strings - Up on the Rooftop
Sleigh: Kabuki - Christmas Sleigh
Gifts and Poses: {what next} - Giftboxes Photography
Santa Sack: [LoveFactory] - Santa's Sack
Tree: A.D.D. Andel - Table Top Tree

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  1. MusicBaby Mubble20/12/10 7:56 pm

    Love this!!!! You know I am a HUGE fan!! Merry Christmas :D
    ~Music Baby Mubble

  2. Wow, well done Arya, I love your work and I adore the new lay out of the blog, looks fantastic. Keep up the amazing work :)


  3. Hi Arya, I rarely comment on blogs because I am usually reading them from my Iphone and forget to when I am on the computer but I have read almost every one of your posts this year. I want to say what an improvement, I have seen over the year and to keep up the great work. Thanks for all your work on the blog :-)

  4. Cogar Ninetails21/12/10 10:34 am

    Congrats on your 500/501 post.
    Love your blog :-) and follow it faithfully.

  5. Nice one Arya!! YOU ROCK!! and Mister too.. :D Lol you can be Starsky and Hutch no? lol loveyou lots!!