Prioritize and Accessorize!


Do you remember when all you wanted to do was jump into that big pile of fluffy, white snow as a kid? Yeah, that was me (still is). I just couldn't wait to build my snow fort! Oh yeah, you bet it was going to be just totally awesome and even bigger and better than last year's. It was going to have different rooms and compartments specially made to hide your ammunition (snow balls). It would be totally enclosed except for that one hole that was the "look out".

Yes, all I wanted to do was to run out there and start building. However, my mother had other plans and said, "Remember to wear [ insert clothing item], or you're going to freeze out there!" So, she would layer us (siblings and I) in an abundance of clothes before we set out into winter wonderland. You'd think that was enough, right? Oh hell nah! Then we put on our mittens/gloves and made a dash to the door. "WAIIITT, you're forgetting something!", she'd yell. She must be kidding, right? What more could we put on ourselves!? The hat and scarf came next. Finally, barely able to move in our layers, we were ready for winter to consume us.

Now that I'm older, I always remember to prioritize and accessorize myself before I head out. Thanks, mom! Where can you get such important accessories in Second Life? Well SF Design has a great set for only 25L during Monday Madness! So, head on over there while it's hot. I mean, head on over while it's cold and then be hot! :D

Mittens, Scarf, Hat: SF Design - Holly Mittens, Scarf, and Hat (25L Monday Madness)
* Alpha layer and resizing scripts included to provide a perfect fit)

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