I don't know if you have noticed, but some strange, random guy has been blogging posts here over the past couple of days. He seems vaguely familiar but I will be keeping an eye on him I can tell you! I would get rid of him, but darn it he can write a fair to middling post! (I am doing the 'I am watching you' gesture here!)

Anyhoo, I have been a busy wee girly. I have been doing three hunts simultaneously,mainly cos I keep getting distracted by bright shiny notecards. Darn my short attention sp...hey look, a kitty!

Today's items are from Advent Calendars, ZombiePopcorn Hunt and the For the Love of Ice Festival. At FTLO Ice Festival you are looking around the sim for snowflakes, some small, some big, all 0L! All hair is from Amacci and is their new line. Is cool!

Pic 1:
Outfit and Shoes: Nadas - Alexa (Advent - Day 6)
Skin: Belleza - Erika - Pale (Group Gift)
Hair: Amacci - Roxy - Mocha (Preview)

Pic 2:
Dress: Ivalde - Guru - Day 5 (Hmmm, might be too late...nice though, isn't it?)

Pic 3:
Outfit: [bubble] - Training Suit (For the Love Of Ice Festival)
Antlers: Relentless Couture - Holiday Antlers (FTLO Ice Festival)

Pic 4:
Sweater: Concrete Flowers - Alp Sweater (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
Hair: Amacci - Rona - Mocha (Preview)

Pic 5:
Boots: Sassy Kitty - Cutie Garland Boots White (FTLO IF)

Pic 6:
Jeans and Tattoo: KoQStar - Acid Wash Jeans and Heartbreak Tattoo (ZP Hunt)
Top: AJA - Icicle Shirt (FTLO IF)
Hair: Amacci - Rina - Mocha (Preview)

Pic 7:
Eyes and Makeup: *evie* - Snowflake Queen Eyes and Ice Queen Makeup (FTLO IF)
Choker: LOULOU&Co - Choker - Crepuscule (ZP Hunt)
Dress: Love Zombie - Blood Trickles Minidress (ZP Hunt)
Earrings: Algaia - JFDI Earrings (FTLO IF)
Hair: Amacci - Rhoda - Mocha (Preview)

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