I know, I know, I said I wouldn't blog for today and take a little break on my rezday. I just can't keep away from posting when I have something I'm excited to share with you. Do you remember the first thing you changed on your avatar's appearance when you first arrived in SL? You probably changed your hair and shape, but then you realized that the system hair was horrible to work with and you still looked a bit fug compared to everyone else. The biggest and best investment you can make is your avatar's skin. If you're a new avatar or just someone who is looking for a change, check out Aimesi's skins. I blogged about Aimesi's skins before when they offered it as a group gift. I'm happy and excited to show their newest skin, Brad.

The first thing I noticed about this skin is the details of it. I've seen a lot of skins that look too smooth and matted, but these skins include fine characteristics that our RL skins have. I also enjoy the shading on them and it highlights certain facial structures such as the cheekbones.

Pictures 1 & 2:

Skin: Aimesi - Brad Skin/Spice

The tone is called 'Spice'. I'm using my own shape with this skin. There are 6 different facial variations you can get the skin in.

Click on images to enlarge

Pictures 3 & 4:

Skin: Aimesi - Brad Skin/ Cream
Shape: Aimesi - Brad Shape

The tone is called, 'Cream'. I decided to use Aimei's Shape with this skin and it also comes in 6 different facial variations.

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    Awesome post as always!