I'm going to bombard this blog and post a lot today. Do it all today and play tomorrow because it's my first rezday! It doesn't feel like a year, I still feel like a newb/noob in SL. It's crazy to think about where I am now compared to when I first started. I have to say, it's pretty depressing starting out. I remember wandering around aimlessly looking for anyone to talk to or who could help me. Where did they all hang out and go? I also wondered why I looked so fug compared to everyone else.
I have to thank my friend Psyche, who took the time to introduce me to my first hunt (Fashions & Accessories Hunt). It's because of her that I now have an ever growing inventory and am blogging with Arya. It is through this blog I get meet incredible people and share with you what I enjoy doing in-world. Thank you to all those who have made my first year in SL an amazing one.

The first thing I want to show you today is this amazing jacket that I won from a lucky board. There are three lucky boards that change every 5 minutes. It's worth the wait and there's usually are a lot of people there to clear the board. Thanks to Emerald, Hela, and Lei for clearing the boards for me! My pictures don't do justice and hopefully one of them will blog it with better details, lol.

Picture 1:

Jacket: So What - Warm Court/Black (Lucky Board)

Picture 2:

Cardigans: Whippet & Buck - Carter Cardigans Grey/Sienna (50L Friday)

Picture 3:

Top: Arnadi- Shirt Pulp Fiction (Subscriber Gift)

Picture 4:

Tops: A.E. Meth -Pegasus/ Insilico/ Turnable Shirts (0L Third Floor)

Picture 5 &6:

Top: Kretch-Up - M&M's Yellow Shirt (Store Gift)

Tops: Kretch-Up- WTN Shirts (WTN Hunt)

Picture 7:

Top: Grumble - Mens Shirt Salmon (WTN Hunt)
Jeans: Robbish - Whats the News (WTN Hunt)

Picture 8:

Outfit: Subversion- Crossword Outfit w/ Tweed Pants (WTN Hunt)

Picture 9:

Hat/Coat: Starchild Designs -Trenchcoat brown w/ Fedora (WTN Hunt)

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