If you read Arya's last post, you know we're still looking for clues. This is a tough one! I mean, I was out celebrating the new year and when I returned, it was just a horrid mess. The only clue we have so far is a photo of some really, really, ridiculously good looking guy.
At least we have some kind of lead, so keep your eye out for him!
Oh, do you like my new skin? I thought it would be a good time for a new look, since it's a new year and all. :D
Silver was a hard color to pinpoint because what differentiates silver from grey in Second Life? I'm hoping my outfit represents the color silver well enough.

Shirt: Gizza - Gray Lines Long Sleeve
Pants: Alphamale - Formal Pants II/ Striped Silver (Past MHOH Gift)
Loose Tie: SF Design - Flexi Tie/ Untied (Past Hunt Gift)
Hair: KMadd- Jake
Skin: Belleza - Shawn (Past Group Gift)
Murder Weapon:Mire - Part of Ripper Outfit (Past Hunt Gift)

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  1. Watch out! Has has a knife! He told me he is doing the serial killer hunt today. Suuurreee he is!

  2. HAHA! I KNEW it!!!

    This was a great blog series between you guys <3

  3. I love the shirt, it's really sexy! *makes sure to visit Gizza the next day and throws a last, longing gaze on the knife before hopping off*

  4. Haha, assumptions! Where's my lawyer!?