Cover Shot

Lei and Mister and I have been trying to get together for a pic for ages, so when Lei got this cool Glee pose we thought it the perfect time to collaborate and do a Blogger Colour Challenge together. I love how we all had different ideas on what indigo is. Ha!

See here for clothes and pose!

Style Extreme - Blue Argyle Sweater
Subversion - Tweed Trousers
Hermony - Kriz ST3 (VDay Special)

Amacci - Giselle Skin Milky - 10 Night and Micha Hair - Dark Brown
Aqua - Careless Whisper Bra - Amethyst and Casual Whisper Hoody - Grape
Imani - Ebony Coverall - Midnight
Aleida - Jenny Schoolgirl Kneesocks
Tousled - Basic Pumps - Colourchange


  1. Love the look, you really make the glee pose look better than the glee lot... love the Indigo you're all wearing, great pic!!!

  2. aww you guys look too cute!! <3