Hello, readers :D Hope you're having a lovely Monday. Have you heard about the Dudes 49L sale yet? It started this past weekend and it includes some amazing stores for men. One of the stores is So What and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love the jacket they're offering via MM Board, so I was anticipating something of the same quality and I was not let down. For 49L they are offering two shirts in Black and Red! Also, you can't have enough hurrr in your inventory and so I purchased two styles from the sale.

Picture 1:

Checkered Shirt: So What - B1 Shirt (49L)
*Red Shirt is shown in picture 2*

Picture 2:

Hair: Shag - Misfit/Bistre (49 L) *Comes in two other colors*

Picture 3:

Hair: Kmadd - Dean/ Light Brown (49L)

Head over to Dragon Screw and pick up these shirts! One is a store opening gift and the other is secretly hidden on the sim.

Picture 4:

Top: Dragon Screw- Opening Gift (0L)
Pose: Dragon Screw -Looked Up (Secret Gift: Look for bears 0L)

Picture 5:

Top: Dragon Screw - Colorful Heart (Secret Gift. Again, look for a toy bear :D)
*Woo, for hearts*
Hat: Dragon Screw -Opening Gift Chullo Hat (0L)

Picture 6:

Top: Arnadi- Short Tshirt Zawesome (Group Lucky Board)

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