Here We Go Again


Graduate classes and work have started once again, so I may not be able to post as frequent as I have been. The good news is that it's my last semester, so I plan on this being the end of my education and the start of my career! I'm definitely counting the days down till May.
Before I crack open my textbooks, I want to show you the great deals I've stumbled upon the last few days.

Picture 1:

Top: UpperMan -Yellow Striped Hoodie (Group Gift)

Pictures 2 -4:

Tops: Somapop - 696 longsleeve blue/black/grey (TNBT Hunt #34)
*Scarf Black included in hunt gift*

Picture 5:

Outfit: 22769 - Jaunty Sale Outfit 1 (49L)

Picture 6:

Outfit: 22769- Open paisley shirt/ Cashmere Jumper/ Stonedwashed jeans (TNBT Hunt)

Picture 7:

Outfit: 22769- Yingyang tee/Army Denim (Group Gift)

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