I Just Don't Know...


Sienna, you're kind of annoying. As Arya stated in her post, we were contemplating the color of Sienna. What IS that color!? I feel like I've seen it everywhere, but couldn't find it anywhere. I even Googled the color to get another look at pigments involved. Did you know there are typically two types of Sienna? Raw and Burnt. By looking at the color strip Luna provided, I'm aiming for Burnt Sienna.

I started with off with pants first, that was my foundation. I sorted through a bunch of tops, but nothing matched. I planned on doing a school boy look originally and when my girl friend teleported in front of me, she claimed I looked like I came out of the 70's. Oh it's 70's she wants? I'll give her 70's! I shuffled through my inventory, took out some Lelutka hair that surprisingly matched the color of the pants and found my disco shirt. While dancing around her, we laughed hard and figured why not just post this? I'm going silly with this. So this is what I came out with:

Hair: Lelutka - Rush (Past Group Gift)
Top: American Bazaar- Disco (Dec. Store Gift)
Pants: FIR&MNA - Pinstripe Pants
Skin: Belleza -Owen (Past Group Gift)
Glasses: Kumaki- Aviators (Past Hunt Gift)

So there it is, lol. I hope you get a good laugh out of it too. I sort of look like a creepster stuck in the 70's. I really didn't know what to say about it, I think it speaks for itself. I'm just an updated version of Disco Stu from the Simpsons?

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  1. Disco Mister? Hmmm, has a certain ring to it! Love this post. Pure genius...evil genius!

  2. Ohhh gawd, not the 70's ..thought I was done with that era. Although, I did date a guy who looked like Mister, loved to imitate John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, Ooh, I think he had the same shirt to! LOL, great job Mister and Arya!

  3. Agree that Sienna is all over the map. I too did a search and my clothing was actually a cross between your two pigment examples. Then Windlight got in the mix and seduced me and I ended up with BROWN. Still it was a lovely post and lots of fun. So that is the point. Very few folks seem to actually get the EXACT color. I doubt anyone minds *wink*. You did good.

  4. Arya: Disco Mister or Mister Disco, my intials can be M.D. :D

    Laila: Thank You! You dated a guy who looked like me? He must have been very handsome lol

    Chic: Thanks for comment and the encouragement!

    Lashae: Why, Thank You ;)

    Lei: Wanna boogy?

  5. lol! I love it. I think we're just coming out of the brown phase... I see Taupe coming up in a week. Then umber about a month or more after that.

    Get ready for some primary colors and brights until that umber week!