It's Quantum!


The purpose of today's post is two-fold. Firstly it is to show you some fab new clothes and secondly it is to promote a fab new shopping area that I have helped develop called Quantum Fields.

If you are interested in a new store then we have some brand new empty stores waiting for you with reasonable rentals. If you want any more info send me a notecard, so I don't bore everyone here!

Pic 1:
Gown and Shoes: diavolicious - Paul-ine the Octopus (What's the News Hunt)

Pic 2:
Boots: Courtisane - Marie Lu Violet (Group Gift to Celebrate 2011!)

Pic 3:
Jacket: Modd.G - Delta Open Jacket Teal (AVDC Hunt)
Tee: Miu - Splatter Skull U-Shirt (AVDC Hunt)
Chaps: Miu - ZX Chaps Biker (ADNY Hunt)
Bench: Cheeky Pea - Too Coot Bench

Pic 4:
Jacket: BlackRose - Leather Jacket Brown (Sub Gift and 50% off sale on now!)
Scarf: Indie Rose - Devore Satin Scarf with Rose Brooch (Subscribor Gift)
Jeans: Miu - Oil Spilled Jeans (AVDC Hunt)

Pic 5:
Hoodie: Love Zombie - Robin Hoodie (TSK Hunt)
Skin: Plastik - Lionheart Pale - Freckle - Serial Killer (TSK Hunt)

Pic 6:
Outfit: Baiastice - Meredict - Bluette and Milva Skirt (Group Gift)

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