Hoping everyone is having a great start to the new year.
We've been having sort of a morbid theme lately. So, going along with the theme I decided to start the Serial Killer Hunt. It's been fun looking for the decapitated head hidden in the stores and haven't finished yet. Maybe I'll see you fellow killers hunters out there?

Picture 1:

Top: SE/UM - D2 White and Blue Hoodie (Wear Group Tag)

Pic 2:

Top: Rob - Happy New Year (Group Gift)

Picture 3:

Outfit: Rotten Defiance - Hannibal Lector (TSKH)

Picture 4:

Tops:ODB - Manson T/Aileen Wuornos/Killer Clown (TSKH)

Picture 5:

Shirt: Razorblade Jacket- Puts the Lotion on the Skin (TSKH)

Picture 6:

Outfit: Returned Karma - Cereal Hunter (TSKH)

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