Pro Posers Hunt Part 2


Are you getting excited for this hunt yet? I have some more poses for all you pose enthusiasts reading. There are a lot of great couples poses in this hunt, we (my girlfriend and I) enjoy spending the time and posing together. The first pose I want to introduce you to is entitled, "Bono & Christy", by MiaMai. This is our favorite photo together so far. It's very seductive and I like how it communicates with the viewer.

Click on images to enlarge.

This pose is by .:S:. Stance Poses & Props. It's charming and cute, great for two people who are captivated by each other. I like how the hands are positioned perfectly in this pose.

I would like to thank Lei Garnet for posing with Hela in this picture. She didn't seem to mind as the two of them talked about their shoes. When they started agreeing about how difficult I can be, I suddenly felt I had enough pictures to blog :D. Haha. The ottoman doesn't come with this pose, but it makes it even more versatile in any setting. The pose is called, "Back to Back", by (On Stage Studios & Poses) OSS & P.

I've shown you a lot of poses that involves two people, but there are some great single poses for modeling pictures. Hela is modeling four poses created by Hate Me and Eat Me (HMAEM). Four poses are included in the gift and are entitled, "Strike the Pose".

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  1. lmao anytime Mister :D I enjoyed posing with Hela and I can't wait to pose with her again so we can talk more on how difficult you are... :P *runs and hides*

  2. Hela SO looks like Victoria Beckham, except prettier cos Hela looks like she actually eats.