Pro Posers Hunt Part 3


Three more days until hunt begins on Saturday, January 15th. If you're looking for more information check out the Pro Posers blog. Of course, I have few highlights to show you from the hunt. I was just thinking how poses aren't specifically used for professional photography in SL, but it can be used just for fun with friends! Here are a few you could use:

"A 1000 Words", is created by WetCat and great for those who aspire to be photographers in SL. Don't have a model or someone to photograph? Don't worry, Wetcat includes 4 single poses where you can photograph yourself!

The red bench created by EmmePose includes 5 different poses (only four shown below). The poses are unisex so it's excellent to use with either your partner, friends, or family. What I love about this bench is that it is menu driven and you can easily control the options it contains.

One of the most popular things to do in SL is to go dancing. "Let's Boogie!" is created by BeScene and it captures a fun dance between two people. We posed in front of a white backdrop so you can use your imagination in various settings.

Thanks to the creators of these amazing poses and to Hela, who has been a trooper posing with me in all the pictures.

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