Pro Posers Hunt Part 4 (U + ME = US)


Pro Posers Hunt officially starts on January 15th, that's two more days! If you haven't already, please join the Pro Posers group in world. Have a lot to show you today! I titled today's post as, " U + ME = US", because they're mainly couples poses or poses to share with another person.
I was explaining to a friend that I'm enjoying blogging these poses because I'm usually alone when taking pictures for the blog. Now, I get to spend time with Hela and we both have a great time going through them.

This very adorable pose is called, "Our Time" by eMotions. I could see this pose used outside on a picnic blanket or in the park. That's my take on it though and I'm sure a lot of you could find it useful in other environments.

This pose is called "Beside You" by -WDK-. Again, it's great for those small moments where you don't need to say much at all. You just enjoy snuggling/cuddling/ being next to each other. Now I can hear Jack Johnson's song playing in the background, "It's always better when we're together..."

-WDK- also offers a single pose included in their hunt gift:

I like this pose, it's just...fierce. This pose just exudes confidence and authority. Are you a power couple? Snag this gift, "We Belong", at Amacci.

We Love This. Just In The Nick of Time (JINOT) offers great advice if you're having trouble communicating during tiffs. This pose is called "When You See Her At Her Worse" and according to them, all you need to say is "You Are Beautiful." Hela's pose is animated and she's actually throwing a tantrum while stomping her feet.

[Just A Pose] has two incredible poses to offer during the hunt. The first one is called, "JUMP For Your Love." The positioning is perfect and adaptable to many settings.

The second pose is entitled, "JUMP For Your Friend."
I always do these type of photos with my friends in RL, so it's fun to see this pose in SL.

Body Talking has a couple pose called, "Closer". This is exceptionally alluring. You can sense the chemistry and tension between two people in this pose. I like how the heads or tilted just enough to show the eyes locking.

ChereeMotion recognizes those quiet and uncomplicated moments in a relationship with their pose called, "Sofa Lie Back". To me it represents the times where you're both content to stay in and spend time together.

Still more to show you tomorrow. I will be focusing on furniture!

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