Pro Posers Hunt


The Pro Posers group is having their third hunt and it starts on January 15th. Those of you who blog or are into photography, do not miss this hunt! I've always stressed the importance of poses in SL. Our avatars cannot bend or move in certain way without them, and they allow us to mimic a RL situation/moment. Most importantly, a single pose can define a picture and tells a story.
I'm very impressed with the quality of all the poses I've see so far and I know the creators have worked hard on them.

The first pose I'm showing you is by Shea Vita of P.S. PoseWorks and it's called, "Drawn to You".
My girlfriend and I love this pose because it's simple, yet sensual. The pose represents that chemistry you feel with another person, that undeniable attraction and desire to be near each other.

Feel like dancing? Morgane Batista, of Morgane Batista Poses Shop, created an elegant pose called, "Swept Away". Refined and graceful, it captures the beauty of a couple's dance.

As a blogger who showcases items like clothes, I could use this pose in the future!
I'm sure Arya and I would make good use of it when posing together. It's called, "Dig It?", by AyYaiYai.

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