Seriously Serial


I'm still going through and sorting out things from The Serial Killer Hunt, but have a lot to show you. Remember you're looking for a decapitated head on the hunt. Plastik's gift includes 5 skins, (4 named LionHeart and 1 named Vaelian). I wasn't sure if they were female or male skins, so what am I to do but to try them on!? Vaelian ended up being the male skin. LionHeart accented my chest area just a little too well for my taste.:D
I'm also blogging the unisex outfit by Misera that Arya wore in her post. You know how I like to do the "Who wore it better?" challenge!

Before you start your hunting, stop by Style Extrem/Upper Man to pick up their group gifts. Two items this week that are great to wear just with a pair of jeans.

Pictures 1 & 2:

Tops: SE/UM - D2 Blue/ Green Vest (Group Gifts)

Picture 3:

Top: Tw@tty C@ke - Back Stabber Shirt (TSKH)

Picture 4:

Top: T-Junction - TSKH Male (TSKH)

Picture 5:

Sweater: [Bubble] -Serial Killer (TSKH)

Picture 6: Sonic Death Monkey - Bastorital (TSKH)

Picture 7: Plastik - Vaelian Pale (TSKH)

Picture 8:

Outfit: Misera - Newsboy (WTN Hunt)

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