Sorry 'Bout That Chief


Been real busy last few days setting up Quantum Fields (see Link), so I apologise for not blogging. Had to today cos lots to show you!

Mister dragged me over the Somapop for the Very Lil Somapop Hunt, against my will (yeah sure) to do the mini hunt there. So cool! We were there when they were still setting up, that is how eager we were.

I also found an item from the What's The News? Hunt, so BONUS!

Items are all from the Very Lil Somapop Hunt unless other wise stated.

Pic 1:
Outfit: Somapop/Diapop - Mauve and Lilac (WTN Hunt)

Pic 2:
Dress: Kretch Up - Kawaii Dress

Pic 3:
Dress: Snowpaws - Tangerine

Pic 4:
Top: [DIAPOP] - Notice Me - Strapless Trui
Jeans: Somapop - Cutted Jeans
Skin: Static Beauty - Daisy Daisy
Tattoo: **KKPP** - Stars on Cheeks

Pic 5:
Top: [DIAPOP] - As I Am

Pic 6:
Top: Somapop - Long V-Neck Green
Skin: Somapop - O-Lela Natural Smog

Pic 7:
Jacket: Somapop - Punkrocker Jacket (Now who wears it better? Mister or me? Hehe)
Jeans: Somapop - Black Jeans

Pic 8:
Headband: ZhuZhu - Headband
Tattoo: **KKPP** - Blood and Symbols

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