Teen Spirit


Hey er'body, hope your week is well. In a previous post, I've shown you lil' Mister, the child version of myself. Today I'm introducing you to teen Mister, full of angst and indulges in risky behavior! Or, sits at home reading comics and playing video games, which is cool too. :D
I won some skins from Mother Goose's and this skin includes blemishes and pimples.

Picture 1:

Skin: Mother Goose's - Jeremy Pimple (Lucky Board)
Hoodie: [Insatiable Fashions] - Stereo Love (Group Gift)
*Comes in Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple*

Then, I guess teen Mister partied too hard with his friends and passed out. So, his friends decided to draw on his face with a marker.

Picture 2:

Skin: Mother Goose's - Dale (Lucky Board)

This skin from Tellaq includes eyes and 4 skins with different facial hair.

Skin: Tellaq - Jamie Skin Style 4 (MM Board)

Stop by T-Junction to get these witty and fun tees. If you're shy, let your shirt be the conversation starter.

Pictures 4-6:

T-shirts: T-Junction- But I'm Fun/Save Water Drink Beer/Team Me (New Releases)

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