The Very Long List of Menstuff


I've been excited for this hunt since December. It's the first hunt organized by the Menstuff group and I have not been let down. I give a lot of recognition to the group for providing information, notices, and events in regards to men's fashion. I wasn't able to complete the hunt in one night, which consists of 151 stores!

This is a great opportunity for new designers to show off their creative designs and to introduce hunters to stores they've never been to before. There are a lot of impeccable gifts and it leaves you wanting more from their stores. Want to get started? Here's a site with a list of stores and hints: MENstuff: Hints. Now, a few highlights from the hunt so far.

Picture 1:

Outfit: Wilson's - Menstuff Hunt 2011
Pipe: Adjunt - Churchwarden Bubble Pipe
Shoes: FIR & MNA - Menstuff Loafers
Beard: Sacred and Valiant - 2.0 Beard V1/ tattoo layer

Picture 2:

Shirt/Pants: Alphamale - Menstuff Gift Set
Jacket: Leather Bound - Leather Jacket/Brown Suede

Picture 3:

Shape: Maverick Designs - Trick Shape
Skin: Egoisme -Samm V2 Medium Skin Set

Picture 4:

Outfit: OKEY - Hunter Outfit

Picture 5:

Jacket: JFL -Zipped Jacket Blue

Picture 6:

Outfit: Tres Beau - "CheckMate" Brown

Picture 7:

Top: Alphavillain- Fitzwilliam Polo
Shoes: Duh! - Men's Tassled Loafers/Black

Picture 8:

Sweater: {MV} - Maplewood Sweater

Picture 9:

Outfit: Lazybum - MS Briefs/Tank

Picture 10:

Top: Miamai - Jeon Brown
Jeans: WoE - Gauge jeans
Shoes: Deco - Test Boots/Newsprint

Picture 11:

Top: Coma -Cobain Sweater

Picture 12:

Top: Zaara - Adyan Kurta/Blue

Pictures 13 & 14:

Outfits: Dark Water Designs - Menstuff Hunt

Picture 15:

Outfit: Graffitiwear - Dirty Tank/Torn Jeans

Picture 16:

Jeans: Valiant- Ripped n Rolled Pants

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