It's been awhile, eh? I heard the crack of the whip Arya mentioned in her post and it scared me too! How have you all been? I'm hoping well. Right now I'm on a winter-break "vacation", but I still have lots of work to do at home. However, it sure beats waking up at 5:30 a.m. every morning! Today is Monday and that means Monday Mania deals! Head on over to SF Design and get this amazing military jacket w/ cap.

Picture 1:

Jacket and Cap: SF Design - Military Jacket and Cap Mens (25L)

I hopped on over the The Locker Room and I saw some great additions since I was last there.
Everything there is at discounted priced and nothing exceeds 70L!

Picture 2:

Top: Shiki @ Locker Room - Shirt Ocean Blue
Bottoms: SF Design @ Locker Room - Cargo Cut Offs

Picture 3:

Hat w/Hair: White Widow @ Locker Room - Slevin
*Comes in 5 different hair colors and you can change the appearance of the hat*
Outfit: 22769 @ Locker Room- LR College Knit Vest

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  1. I know you're in New Zealand, Arya, so I hope that everything's fine with you and yours following today's awful events in Christchurch


    Emmanuelle Warden (in Second Life)

  2. Emmanuelle,

    I haven't heard from Arya yet either. I hope she's fine as well >_< If I hear from her I will post something and give an update.


  3. Heard from a mutual friend that Arya is fine :D