Fine Line of Separation


Everyone views SL differently. Some say that SL and RL are separate, while others believe they intertwine. For me, my personality in SL is the same as in RL and I care about the friends I've made in-world. How could I not? These are people I talk to on a daily basis and it's crazy to think that one day they could just disappear from my virtual world, not knowing where they went or how they're doing.
I didn't hear from a friend for awhile and I started to get worried, I'm thankful to know she's fine right now. So when I heard there was a big earthquake in New Zealand, where Arya is from, I worried again. She's fine, but it really made me think: what if people you talked to everyday in SL just disappeared? Wouldn't you wonder about them too and be affected?

Picture 1:

Outfit: GizzA - Business Men (Group Gift)

Picture 2:

Suit: SF Design - Shawl Collared Tux (0L)

Picture 3:

Skin: Mother Goose's - Devon Skin (CHH #29)
Polo: Pig - Logo Polo Dust (0L)
Boots: Peppermint Blue - Leather Boots (Subscriber Gift)

Picture 4:

Top: Pig - Lazy Sweater (0L)

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  1. Well said, Mister. I've never spoken to Arya 'face to face' but I check this blog each day and feel I know her a little bit (as I do you). And I'd be devastated to learn that some of my SL acquaintances had simply 'vanished'. I sincerely hope we see Arya back and blogging, safe and well, very, very soon.

    Emma (emmanuelle wardenO