Snow Again!?


Living in New York I expect snow and harsh winters, but this is getting crazy. Just after we had a few days of 50 F weather and sunny days, we suddenly get 8 inches of snow! Will spring ever arrive? You know how they say if you don't get enough sun it starts to make you sad? I think I'm starting to feel that effect. In fact, I've been watching Youtube videos of people doing crawfish boils and wishing it was nice enough outside to participate. While it was becoming a winter wonderland outside, I found some great items in-world.

Picture 1:

Outfit: SZD - Irresistible (MM Board)
Skin: Filthy - Enio Tan Style 03 (New Release)

Picture 2:

Outfit: Bubblez Design - Artist Outfit (Group Gift)

Picture 3:

Outfit: Bubblez Design - Obsidian (Group Gift)

Picture 4:

Top: Bubblez Design - Cotton T shirt II (Group Gift)

Picture 5:

Top: Ninikoboy- mTan-T (0L)
*comes in other colors*

Picture 6:

Top: Ninikoboy - Gremlins (0L)
*also comes in yellow*

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