Snow Day = Time to Hunt


The northeast is experiencing yet another snowstorm and we're expected to get an accumulation of at least 12 inches. On top of that, we're supposed to get a mixture of sleet/freezing rain. Nobody wants to go out in that type of weather, so what do I do? Hunt, of course!
I also have to hand it to Lei, who went on the Menstuff hunt with me. You know how we men can be directionally challenged at times, so it was nice to have her assist me when looking for the hunt item, haha. Again, if you need slurls and hints: Click Here!

Anyways, moving forward, the first thing I want to show you is this amazing jacket by Hoorenbeek. It's the new subscriber gift!

Pic 1:

Jacket: Hoorenbeek - Military Jacket (Subscriber Gift)
Skin: LaVie -Echo for MENStuff

There's an event called A Feira, where I picked up the top by Sekuella. It's on sale there for only 50L! Sekuella is also participating in the MENstuff Hunt, so I paired their hunt gift with the top. It's a great combination for no more than 50L!

Picture 2:

Top: Sekuella @ A Feira - T-Shirt [ I love Rock N Roll] (50L)
Hat: Sekuella - Jhow Cap Male Olive

Picture 3:

Top/Tattoo: Somapop - JB Cardigan/ Circles and Stars Tattoo/Somapop Scarf Blk

Pictures 4 and 5:

Hat: Aa productions - Reverse Cap
Outfit:GooDVibeZ -Tan Track Jacket/Baggy Jeans
Poses: P.S. Poseworks - Hiphop (2 out of a set of four shown)

Picture 6:

Glasses: Kalnins -Aviator RWK
Top: Arnadi - Let The Dog Out boy

Picture 7:

Outfit: SHIKI - Tan Suit 2011

Picture 8:

Outfit:DragonLady's Closet - Jesse In Black

Picture 9:

Top: Violation Inc - Ovechkin

Picture 10:

Top: JLZ - GARB Guy Black Vest/ White Shirt

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  1. thats the manliest thing I ever did for January :))