I learned some new skills doing this pic for the Blogger Colour Challenge. Been a while since I did one, for one reason or another, but I had fun and frustration doing this one.

Took me ages to find a venue, and then I remembered another blog post I had done here and 'voila'!

Then, I had to get the angles and position just right so I was in the eerie, green glow, cos I wanted the light for the pic. Lag was a killer and I crashed twice! Grr face.

After a wee bit playing in Picasa with cropping, I got this. I am pleased I didn't have to edit it any other way. The light played nicely for me!

Dress: Aqua - To The Maxx - Lime (100L)
Hair: Truth - Betty - Chocolate (250L for colour pack)
Shoes: KKBB! - Wrapped Heels - Lime (10L)
Bag: [Virtual Insanity] - Mrs Frog's Bag (Past Hunt Item)
Umbrella and Pose: Glitterati - Rainy Days (Not sure on price. I got these in a sale. Couldn't find at store)
Venue: Miasnow @ TwoMoons Island

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  1. Love the pic, the eerie green glow is so ethereal and the outfit is so cute, its a brilliant combination!

  2. Looks like you're practically glowing! Perfect background :-)