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On Tuesday 22nd February an earthquake of 6.3 hit Christchurch in New Zealand, only 5 months after they had survived an earthquake of 7.1. In September there were no fatalities. The earthquake was deep, struck at 4am and its effect was mainly damage to buildings, houses and land.

The earthquake on Tuesday was shallow and devastating and struck at lunchtime. The death toll is currently 113 with 228 people still missing.

New Zealand is a small country. Everyone in New Zealand knows someone affected by this disaster. It has stunned, saddened and shocked us all.

I am ok and I want to thank everyone who IMed me, worried about why I wasn't on SL. I was actually at a funeral, far away from Christchurch, but I was touched by the concern of my SL friends. You all rock.

I was glad to find out today that some amazing people have already organised a fundraising event with 100% of the proceeds going straight to earthquake relief.

How can you help? Well, if you are a designer, store owner or creator then you could donate an item or items to the event. Go to the Garden City Relief website, for more information

If you are a shopper (like me) then you can go and buy some of the awesome items that have already been donated here.

If you don't want to do either, but you just want to donate money then you can go straight to the Red Cross website.

Dress: [AddiCt] - In Bloom (150L)
Necklace: Puarangi Designs - Jade Necklace (50L)

RL Photos are taken from the TV One News Website.

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  1. Thanks Arya... I wondered if anyone on SL had noticed there was an earthquake, now I feel much better. :)

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  3. We are holding a 12 hour event to raise funds at The Dolphin Club on Friday 11th March from 6 pm slt! All donations and support gratefully received!
    And check out the details at our blog