Once Upon a Time in Sky Blue


Once upon a time there lived a young woman named Arya. Arya was a very inquisitive young lady who loved to explore in the forest, even though her mother had told her many times that it wasn't safe.

Arya, however, was not afraid of anything so, when she came across a very large white rabbit in front of a deep, dark hole in the ground, she didn't think twice about leaping into it with no regard for the consequences.

Down, down, down, she fell. Arya wondered if she would fall right through the earth and out the other side, and was just brushing up on her French, when she saw the floor below her and she suddenly slowed and landed gently on the ground.

Arya found herself in a strange room with no furniture and only a teeny tiny door at one end. Arya turned the handle of the door and crawled through into the unknown.

She found herself in a beautiful forest filled with flowers as blue as the sky and trees of emerald green. Arya thought it the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Through the trees she noticed a path and decided to see where it went.

Arya thought this the most beautiful place she had ever seen. As she walked she saw giant mushrooms as tall as trees, vibrant blue frogs and the most wonderful pink flamingos, who did not seem afraid of her at all.

Through the trees Arya noticed a strange little house, so she decided to go and see if anyone was home, as it was beginning to get dark and she thought there may be wild animals in the forest.

She knocked on the door and it swung gently open.

"Hello?" she called.

No one answered, so she walked inside. The lamps were lit and a steaming cup sat on a table, but no one seemed to be about. Arya walked through the house and so discovered there was no one at home.

She walked out a back door and found herself in a small cemetery. She bent to read the inscription on one of the stones when she was suddenly wrenched down into the ground.

She screamed and struggled as she was pulled deeper and deeper down. With her last remaining strength she kicked as fiercely as she could and felt a satisfying thud as her foot connected with flesh and the grip on her leg was released.

Arya threw her hand above her head and was relieved to feel it thrust through the earth and into fresh air. After much clawing and digging she finally lifted herself out of the grave and sat panting on the soft green grass. She gulped in the fresh air and wiped her face.

Once she had her breath back she got up and ran as fast as she could away from the horrible house.

She ran and ran until she came across a table in a clearing that was laden with the most delicious cakes and biscuits she had ever seen. She was so tired that she decided to sit awhile and rest.

She was also very hungry so she helped herself to some cake and a small chocolate. It was as wonderful as it looked and Arya enjoyed every mouthful.

It was then that Arya wondered how she was going to get home. A small tear slipped down her cheek and created a pathway through the dirt on her cheek. It slowly slipped off her chin and onto a small blue butterfly that had been playing around her legs.

Arya gasped as the butterfly fell to the ground and lay still. She gently picked it up and then almost dropped it as it suddenly began to grow in her hands. Eventually it grew so big that she had to put it down, and even then it continued to grow even more. Finally it stretched out its huge, beautiful wings and rested on the grass.

"I shall call you Skye," she said

Skye moved closer and nudged her with its wings and then without thinking she climbed on the butterfly's back and it carried her up into the sky. Arya held on tight and felt the wind against her face as the Skye skimmed treetops and dived effortlessly through the mushroom fields.

Up ahead Arya noticed a bright, blue light and she realised that the butterfly was heading straight for it. The light was so lovely that Arya could not look away from it. It seemed filled with sunlight and she could faintly hear singing coming from it.

The butterfly flew into the light and Arya felt the light envelop her. She closed her eyes and felt herself drift into a deep, deep sleep.

When she awoke she found herself back in the forest near her home. She wondered at first whether it had all been a dream, but at that moment a small blue butterfly landed on her hand and sat there opening and closing its perfect wings.

Arya smiled and walked slowly home with Skye nestled on her shoulder.

Hair: Truth - Sandra - Chocolate
Makeup: ^Re.Birth^ - Eyeshadow Boheme Blue (Open Door Hunt)
Dress: Reve du Crie - Oz Dress - Dorothy
Tights: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Alice Socks (Part of Alice Outfit)
Shoes: Tesla - Elise 2
Butterfly: ANA-Mations - Rideable Butterfly Blue (60L for SBS)
Sim: Dysphoria - Alice in Wonderland

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  1. hahaha captivating story! :)

  2. Love the story Arya.. You are really clever

  3. haha this soooo clever and so cute, I love it!

  4. Love that story ... ;-)
    erm ... do you think there's some cake left?