Viva La Revolution


Viva la Colour Revolution! I love the Blogger Colour Challenge, although I will confess that Ecru had me stumped majorly. So, I did what I always do when I have no idea...I IM my good friend, Ayanna from Aqua and say, "What have you got that is ecru?"

I didn't feel so bad when she had to look at the colour too. Then she threw me a shirt and that was all the help I needed, because as soon as I put it on and paired it with some shorts from Aqua, a cunning plan formulated!

I put them on and thought, "I look like some kind of revolutionary, Lara Croft type character!"

Phase 2 was to find somewhere to take the pic. I did want to take the pic in front of a tank, but searching 'tank' really didn't help...DOH!

That is when I contacted the other font of knowledge; The Greatest Love Group! What they don't know, is just not worth knowing (although some things they do know are also not things you want to know...)

Consequently, and in a round about way, I remembered this sim and the rest is history.


Shirt: Aqua - Cream Shirt
Shorts and Beret: Aqua - City Breeze Beret and Shorts
Hair: Truth - Saffron - Chocolate
Guns and Bag: Voltai - Holsters and Backpack
Main Weapon: Game Over - HK G36C
Face Scars: cheLLe - Black Scars Brawl (Pure Juice event)
Sim: Tableau

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  1. Now that is sexy. Nice weapon.

  2. Love the look... Would wanna be on your side in a fight though, that gun is scary looking lol

  3. cool and sexy ...
    now I wonder is that a paintball gun to win the colour revolution? ... *grins*

  4. Woohaaa you make the color come alife! Move over Lara Croft here comes Arya! ;-)

  5. LOL. I know not to piss you off. ;-) Very well done!