Where My Party People At?


I am requiring some party animals to join me at The Dolphin Club on Friday night. I will be DJing up a storm for you all as part of the 12 Hour Party to raise money for those affected by the Christchurch Earthquake.

Here is the blurb:

"NZ Earthquake Special Fundraiser at The Dolphin Club

On Tuesday 22nd February an earthquake of 6.3 hit Christchurch in New Zealand, only 5 months after they had survived an earthquake of 7.1. In September there were no fatalities, this time there have been many with hundreds injured. The death toll is expected to be over 200 with thousands left homeless.

Therefore, The Dolphin Club is holding a 12 HOUR Party to help raise some much needed funds. Ariella Martinek is an Aussie and has money already lined up to go over to New Zealand - ALL donations given will be forwarded on with her money. Please spread the word!!!! Or if you would just like to send a donation, send Ariella a notecard and she will make sure all is forwarded to the right people.

So keep the 11th March 2011 free!!!

Event: 12 Hour Power Party!!!
When: Friday 6pmSLT 11th March 2011 to Saturday 6amSLT 12th March 2011
Where: The Dolphin Club"

Part of the celebration should be the fact that an Aussie is doing something awesome for Kiwis! I am kidding! Ariella is awesomeness and the best kind of neighbour! I would throw a shrimp on the barbie with her anytime!

I will be DJing from 8pm-10pm SLT so make sure you throw on ya glad rags and come and help raise some money for those that are hurting and homeless.

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