This week's Blogger Colour Challenge colour is asparagus. Funnily enough I didn't have anything in my inventory by that name. I know, right? This meant lots of trying on and looking at the colour and sighing and trying something else.

Then I found this and thought 'western showgirl'. Not quite sure why. So, boots donned and choker in place, I went in search of a place to take the pic.

Was hard as most wild west places are roleplay and I didn't fit the rules. Ani showed me a place, but I really had a picture in my mind of what I wanted (Thanks though, Sheriff!). Finally, I found the place where I took this pic and the rest, as they say, is history.

I am not thoroughly satisfied, but I do like the wanted posters in the background so....*shrug*.

Dress: Carrasco's - Ruffle Dress
Skin: Amacci - Giselle Skin - Milky 24 Green
Hair: Truth - Alison (New Item)
Boots: G*Field - Short Lace-Up Boots - Black
Choker: Collared - Thorn Choker

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  1. Love it, looks great... those boots are so cute!!!

  2. Those boots are to die for and seriously, you do look like you could break out in the can can at any minute. Nicely done.

  3. I love your pic! Great job :)

  4. Cutest Western Showgirl ive seen!

  5. cute pics and cute dress ... but beware of 'blue beans' ;-)