Eggplant + Revenge


I kept putting this Blogger Colour Challenge off this week as I had NO idea what to do or even where to begin.

I was out hunting today and was told by a lovely fellow hunter that she enjoyed my Colour Challenge pics. That made me feel all guilty cos I was putting it off and hoping it would go away.
(Kaiden, I finally remembered your name after I put comment on Colour Challenge blog, so thank you for your comments and your encouragement!)

But, I am glad to say, it gave me a kick in the butt and made me start thinking.

Hidden in my inventory I found this tee from Jane which is eggplant in colour and the rest came from there. I did have some eggplant tights on too, but I was having issues with layers so had to ditch them.The gothy look evolved from the tee and then I skipped on over to RoTteN DeFiAnCe (Thanks, Rogue) to take the pics and found this voodoo doll from a past hunt. Perfect!

The last thing I wanted was a tattoo, but I already had multiple layers on, so I added the tatt in edit. That is possibly cheating, but if you mention it I will have to get my dolly and my pin out again.

And in answer to the question, "Who are you thinking about when you poke the pin into the doll?" The answer is: Lady Gaga. Nuff said.

A lot of today's items are from the past Zombie Popcorn Hunts...keep an eye out, cos it is always awesome!
Tee: Jane - Essence Tee - Eggplant (50L)
Skirt: Jane - A Little Lace Skirt - Lilac (0L)
Tights: Duh! - Torn Tights (Past Hunt Item)
Belt: [NV] - Score Belt (Past Hunt Item)
Hair: Damselfly - Liberty - Raven (Bought this in 2008!)
Makeup: AKA - Black Tears (Past Hunt Item)
Sneakers: aMuse - Punk U Sneaker - Black (Won a voucher for these in a comp!)
Piercings: Ho Wear - Midnight Jewel Face Piercings (Came with Lace Dress)
Skin: Re-Birth - Ligeia (Past Hunt Item)
Eyes: Edge Grafica- Evil Dream Eyes - Diseased Eyes - Deep Purple (Past Hunt Item)
Voodoo Doll and Poses: aDORKable Poses - Sweet Revenge (Past Hunt Item)

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  1. Great look! And you're right: very different from mine with the same tee. :)

  2. cool look ;-)
    ... and it would definately be a shame if you wouldn't continue the challenge ... so ... go, Arya, go !!!
    /me passes you a piece of the pizza to give you enough power .... *hugs*

  3. Thanks, guys! You rock! I will confess that Colour Challenge is one of my fav posts of the week!
    /me noms on the pizza, drips sauce down her tee and thinks about periwinkle.

  4. Kaiden Diavolo20/4/11 2:58 pm

    Lol. Die lady gaga is too funny. Great post and you're so sweet for the shout out!

  5. Wonderful look! I absolutely love the first picture, it has such sophisticated cold-vengeance feel to it <3