Just Chillin'


Today I am enjoying the thought of two weeks of holidays stretching ahead of me. Oh, yes! So, to begin my time of leisure I thought I would show you some items that reflect my mood!

Pic 1:
Tee: A Space for Dreams - Easter Egg Tee Grey (Rue D'Antibes Easter Egg Hunt)
Hair: Tiny Bird - Sodom South Georgia - Rich Brown (100L for Colour Pack cos Tiny Bird is closing down....sob)
Chaise Lounge: Second Spaces - The Easy Life Chaise Lounge (Rue EE Hunt)

Pic 2:
Outfit: Ali Couture - Easter Outfit (Rue EE Hunt)
Glasses: Barnes Boutique - Aviator Sunglasses Mirrored (Rue EE Hunt)

Pic 2:
Dress: Lisa L - Roses (Rue EE Hunt)
Earrings: {Junk} - Zantedeschia Earrings (Rue EE Hunt)

Pic 3:
Bikini: Nyte'N' Day - Blossom Bikini (Rue EE Hunt)

Pic 4:
Outfit: Illy Creations - M&M (M&M Hunt)

Pic 5:
Dress and Piercing: [::Doomsday::] - Spring Kitty (M&M Hunt)

Pic 6:
Sneakers: :::Line::: - Comfort Sneakers - Black (M&M Hunt)

Pic 7:
Dress and Accessories: HerBerry - Hoop Earrings, Pink Dress and Scarf (M&M Hunt)

Pic 8:
Top: Ruxy's Design - Sexy Summer Pink Top (M&M Hunt)
Jeans: Urban Republic Co - Mix N Match Jeans (M&M Hunt)

Pic 9:
Outfit: Mayden Couture - Victory (M&M Hunt)

Pic 10:
Outfit: Urban Republic Co - Mix N Match Jeans and Top (M&M Hunt)

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