Just a Few


Like the title says, I have just a few items to show you today as I spent a fair amount of the day scoping out the Culture Shock event on the bloggers preview. You are going to need to make sure you have Lindens a' ready for this as there are some amazing items on display.

It begins on the 1st of May so keep an eye out for the LM!

Today I am showing you some items I found around the place. I am also going to show you an item that cost me a few Lindens but was SO worth it. I only need one pixelated kidney anyway!

Pic 1:
Top: PixelDolls - Hope - Brown (0L in box on table at landing point)
Pose Prop: Long Awkward Pose - Spring Alive (Seasons Hunt)

Pic 2:
Top: PixelDolls - Faith - Antique (0L - see above)

Pic 3:
Dress: PixelDolls - Romance - Prarie - Cherry Pink (0L)
Pose and Prop: Olive Juice - Spring on a String (Seasons Hunt)

Pic 4:
Top: rbcg. - Galacticblouse - Radange (Seasons Hunt)
Pose and Prop: Olive Juice - Spring Fling (Seasons Hunt)

Pic 5:
Top: Vive9 - Spring Slouch Tank in Pink (Seasons Hunt)
Pose and Prop: Olive Juice - Spring Fields (Seasons Hunt)

and my purchase...

Pic 6:
Shoes: Miel - Troupe Shoe - Natural (525L)

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